Thousand young entrepreneurs

We are looking for 1000 Young Entrepreneurs!

Upon a successful application, You will be eligible for the full offer and funds as the business owners of the future

Package Includes

You will receive monetary funds to run your business

You will receive business mentorship from established business owners

 You will become an alumni of Aiducation with global reach

 You will be supported to take your business onto next level with investors

Aiducation Programs cover two main topics

Building People

With each scholarship, Aiducation provides formal education to a talented student who lacks the financials means

Building Nations

Every student receives mentoring, training, and coaching and becomes part of Aiducation’s unique network of future decision makers that will drive their country forward in an economic, political and social way

Aiducation International is a Non-Profit for Impact Organization.

Education is the strongest lever for personal development, and capable, active citizen are the strongest lever for long-term, sustainable change. Together with our donors (AiduMakers) we award merit based scholarships to bright and motivated, financially disadvantaged students in emerging countries.

Our Start Up Founders

Anzazi Kiti

Taste Afrique

Emmanuel Mbungu

Technet Kenya

Jimmy Tune


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