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Aiducation International is a Non-Profit for Impact Organization.

Education is the strongest lever for personal development, and capable, active citizen are the strongest lever for long-term, sustainable change. Together with our sponsors we award funding to bright and motivated, business savy entrepreneurs in emerging countries.

Our Team

Matthias Meier

Aiducation International


Aiducation International
Start Up Fund

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Aiducation International
Start Up Fund


Aiducation International
Start Up Fund

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Aiducation International
Start Up Fund

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Aiducation International
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Mohamed Thoraia

Aiducation International
Start Up Fund

Our Sponsors

Aiducation Programs cover two main topics

Building People

With each funding, Aiducation provides access to a talented entrepreneurs who lacks the financials opportunities to scale their business

Building Nations

Every entrepreneur receives mentoring, training, and coaching and becomes part of Aiducation’s unique network of future decision makers that will drive their country forward in an economic, political and social way

Start Up Fund is a program developed by Aiducation International as part of their strategy to Building People and Building Nations. And as part of our Building Nations programs, we have decided to support local entrepreneurs to build the future for their society together with us.  We achieve this goal through Start Up Academies and Start Up Fund.

Start Up Fund can be seen as the seed round in investment for startups. Our scope for this program is to develop the business ideas into next level to enable them to hire their core team, focus on product-to-market fit and start further market traction. Our funding is mainly driven by thematic events. Meaning that each theme will only accept the applicants with matching business idea. Start Up Fund is open for every candidate that fulfill the requirements stated in eligibility page. HERE you can learn more about.

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